DIY "Mara" Macrame Layered Wall Hanging Kit

$30.00 - $36.00
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Gather friends and have a craft night! This BoHo DIY macrame kit includes all the items necessary to make a super cute layered wall hanging complete with lots of fringe!

Kit Includes:
Premium 3mm cotton string
10-12'' stick foraged in our Northwoods of Wisconsin or wood dowel

Instructions complete with step by step images and text

This wall hanging was made and designed by us. The directions are easy to follow and complete with photos for each step. Our knot guide will help you identify and implement the knots needed to make your finished wall hanging.

Finished wall hanging measurements are about 10"x17"

You choose your own color. If you choose "My Own Color Combo" please tell us what colors you want from the list and which layer you would like to use them. We will then give you the amount used for each layer. If you have any questions just message us!

Add Ons! Add ons - choose a crystal or agate to attach to your wall hanging. Agates will vary in size and shape but we will do our best to pick based on the color you choose.
Add ons will include a piece of wire and instructions on how to attach to your finished wall hanging!